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Runtime provides cloud-based management of connected devices as part of an end-to-end IoT platform for consumer, medical, commercial, and industrial IoT applications. Runtime supports Apache Mynewt, an open source embedded OS optimized for networking and remote management of constrained, microcontroller-based systems. Apache Mynewt includes the world’s first open source, controller-level BLE 4.2, Bluetooth 5, and Bluetooth Mesh stacks for MCUs and a highly efficient OIC 1.1 application framework for managing the connected devices. 

Runtime提供连接设备的云管理服务,作为消费者,医疗,商业和工业物联网应用中端对端IoT平台的一部分。Runtime同时支持Apache Mynewt,一款主要用于优化受限制的基于微控制器系统的网络和远程管理的开源嵌入式操作系统。 Apache Mynewt包括世界上第一个开放源码,控制器级BLE 4.2,蓝牙5和用于MCU的蓝牙网格堆栈,以及用于管理连接设备的高效OIC 1.1应用程序框架。


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