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2018 Bluetooth Asia 大会将使众多供应商汇集一堂,您将有机会参观、测试、体验并了解应用Bluetooth®技术的最新产品和服务。

shaping the internet of things

Bluetooth Asia 2018 will give you the opportunity to meet with a range of suppliers, and see, test, play and hear about the latest products and services using Bluetooth® technology.
会面 | meet

会面 | meet

Meet a range of vendors as well as other like-minded developers
学习 | learn

学习 | learn

Hear keynotes from well known brands and get practical training in developer sessions


去年底Bluetooth SIG正式推出蓝牙5核心规格,今年也将推出众所期待的蓝牙 Mesh功能,我们预计2018年将是充满转变的一年。因此今年的Bluetooth Asia大会将会作出前所未有的变革,新的Bluetooth Asia大会将为您提供绝无仅有的机会,感受最先进的蓝牙技术带来的震撼和无限连接的新魅力。

我们一直追求的是您对于采用蓝牙技术的满意度,这也是驱使我们积极进取、走向2020年以及更远未来的动力。请一起加入我们,预留您的行程,让我们在9月相聚深圳,参加全新的Bluetooth Asia大会。




2018 will be pivotal with the roll-out of mesh for Bluetooth and the continuation of Bluetooth 5, and we’re reflecting that importance with Bluetooth Asia, that will provide you with an unprecedented opportunity to experience the power and promise of our amazing technology.
We want you to be excited about Bluetooth and where it will take us into 2020 and beyond. So put the dates on your calendar and join us in Shenzhen in May for the revitalized Bluetooth Asia.

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精彩评论 | what's being said

  • 这对每位参与蓝牙产品开发相关的人都至关重要
    Qin Zhang
  • It is important for everyone who engages in Bluetooth products.
    Qin Zhang
    CA SBU Director, Sino Wealth Electronic
  • Very helpful and useful for Bluetooth development.
    Chuck Zheng
    President, Appotech
  • 这行业的盛事将有助于蓝牙发展,且提供非常实用的蓝牙知识。
    Chuck Zheng
  • This is the event where the major players of the Bluetooth world get together. If there was one place to meet them all, this is it.
    KK Wong
    Co-Founder & Vice President, Xiaomi
  • 这是一场将蓝牙世界中主要行业公司汇聚一堂的活动,要说哪里可以一览他们的风采,我相信就是这里。
    KK Wong


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